Scolymus grandiflorus

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Africa: Algeria (AlgerianativeA); Canary Is. (Canary Is.native: doubtfully nativeB); Libya (LibyanativeC,D); MorocconativeD,E,F,G; Tunisia (TunisianativeH) Asia-Temperate: East Aegean Is. (East Aegean Is.nativeI); Lebanon-Syria (Lebanonnative: doubtfully nativeD) Europe: Corse (Corsenative: doubtfully nativeJ,K,L,M,N,O); FrancenativeO,P,Q,R,S; Greece (Greecedoubtfully presentI); ItalynativeO,T,U,V,W; Kriti (Kritidoubtfully presentI); Sardegna (SardegnanativeO,T,U,V,W); SicilynativeO (MaltanativeU,X, SicilynativeT,U,V,W); Spain (Spainnative: presence questionableP,Y); Turkey-in-Europe (Turkey-in-EuropeAA,O,Z)


Annual or biennial up to 75 cm. Stems with uninterrupted spiny-dentate wings, pubescent to glabrous, sometimes scabrous. Basal leaves (8)10-16(24) cm, ovate to oblong, pinnatifid, spiny-dentate. Capitula terminals, sometimes axillary, with 2-3 involucral leaves per capitulum, in a spike-like paniculate inflorescence with an elongate appearance. Involucral leaves (7)9-15(19) mm, ovate to lanceolate, sometimes obtuse, pubescent to scabrous, spiny-dentate, with scarious margin. Receptacle (10)13-18(21) mm in diameter. Ligules (20)25-37(44) mm, yellow to orange. Achenes 3.5-5.5(6.5) mm. Pappus of three to seven bristles in central achenes, otherwise three to five. Flowering May to July.

from: Vázquez, F. M. 2000: The Genus Scolymus. – Anales Jard. Bot. Madrid 58: 83-100.

Common names

French (Corse): Scolyme à grandes fleursAB,1; French (France): Scolyme à grandes fleursAC,1; Italian (Italy): Cardogna maggioreV,1
1. recommended


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