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Common names

German (Germany): HainsalatA,1; Italian (Italy): LucertolinaB,1; Polish (Poland): SałatnicaC,1; Swedish (Sweden): StinkfibblorD,1
1. recommended


Perennial herbs. Stems several, simple. Leaves all basal, pinnately divided. Capitulum solitary. Involucral bracts in 1 row. Receptacle flat, without scales. Ligules yellow. Achenes oblong-cuneate to obovoid, 5-angled; pappus absent.

from: Sell, P. D. 1976: 156. Aposeris Cass. – Pp. 308 in: Tutin, G. & al. (ed.), Flora Europaea 4. – Cambridge.

Chromosome numbers

Diploid, x = 8.E


Europe: Austrianative (Austrianative, Liechtensteinnative); Baltic States (Latviaintroduced: adventitious (casual)); Belarus (Belarusnative); Czechoslovakia (Czech Republicnative, Slovakianative); Francenative; Germany (Germanynative); Italynative; Krym (Krymnative); Poland (Polandnative); Romania (Romanianative); Spainreported in error (Spainreported in error); Switzerland (Switzerlandnative); Ukraine (Ukrainenative); Yugoslavia (Bosnia-Herzegovinanative, Croatianative, Serbianative, Slovenianative)


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