Scorzonera pusilla

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Scorzonera pusilla

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Common names

(Pakistan): DagamA; Armenian (Armenia): Թախտաջյանիանթա պստլիկB,1; Chinese (China): 细叶鸦葱 xi ye ya congC; Hebrew (Israel): הַרְדֻּפְנִין נָמוּךְD,2, הרדופנין נמוךD,2; Russian (Armenia): Тахтаджанианта крошечнаяB,2
1. unassessed, 2. recommended


Herbs 5–20 cm tall, perennial, with a globose tuber to some cm below surface. Caudex with pale brown adaxially lanate leaf sheath residues becoming somewhat lacerate and subfibrous with age. Stems few, slender, erect, usually apically branched, sparsely pubescent or glabrescent, leafy. Basal leaves linear to filiform-linear, 1–1.5 × 0.1–0.3 cm, arachnoid hairy, margin flat, apex acuminate and often somewhat hooked. Stem leaves similar to basal leaves. Synflorescence sparsely corymbiform, with few capitula or capitulum solitary. Involucre narrowly cylindric, ca. 1.8 × 0.5–0.7 cm at anthesis, prolonged in fruit. Phyllaries abaxially arachnoid hairy; outermost phyllaries ovate, ca. 5 × 3.5 mm, apex acute. Florets yellow. Achene cylindric, ca. 8 mm, with smooth ribs, glabrous. Pappus dirty white, ca. 2.3 cm, plumose for most of length. Fl. and fr. Apr–Jul. 2n = 14.

from: Shih C. & Kilian N. in Wu Z. Y. & al. (ed.), Flora of China 20–21: 204. 2011, Beijing & St Louis.

Perennial 5-40 cm, subglabrous to more or less arachnoid-tomentose especially on leaves and at base of involucre; rootstock vertical, slender, with a deeply buried ovoid tuber, somewhat fibrous at apex. Stems usually several, slender, rigid, sinuous, usually branched in upper half, leafy throughout. Leaves 5-15 x 0.1-0.2 cm, linear, entire, the basal with dilated whitish sheaths. Involucre 10-25 mm, up to 40 mm in fruit. Ligules c. 1¼ times as long as involucre, yellow, purplish outside. Achenes 7-12 mm, cylindrical, with smooth ribs, glabrous. Pappus-hairs 2-2½ times as long as achene, plumose, dirty white.

from: Chater, A. O. 1976: 161. Scorzonera L. – Pp. 317-322 in: Tutin, G. & al. (ed.), Flora Europaea 4. – Cambridge. (as Scorzonera pusilla)


Asia-Temperate: Afghanistannative (AfghanistannativeC,E,F,G,H); Irannative (IrannativeI,J); Kazakhstannative (KazakhstannativeC,K); Kirgizistannative (KirgizistannativeC,L,M); Mongolianative (MongolianativeC,G); North Caucasusnative: presence questionable (Dagestannative: presence questionableN, Stavropolnative: presence questionableN); Palestinenative (IsraelnativeO,P, JordannativeO,P,Q,R); Saudi Arabianative (Saudi ArabianativeF); Sinainative (SinainativeS,T,U); Tadzhikistannative (TadzhikistannativeC,V); Transcaucasusnative (ArmenianativeW, NakhichevannativeN,X,Y); Turkmenistannative (TurkmenistannativeC,G,Z); Uzbekistannative (UzbekistannativeAA,C); West Siberianative (West SiberianativeAB); Xinjiangnative (XinjiangnativeAC,C) Asia-Tropical: Pakistannative (PakistannativeA,G,H) Europe: South European Russianative (South European RussianativeAD)


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