Rothmaleria granatensis

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Rothmaleria granatensis


Stems 2-30 cm, several, glabrous or scabridulous, with a thick stock. Basal leaves 15-100 x 5-20 mm, in a rosette, thick, glaucous, obovate-oblong, narrowed to the petiole, incise-dentate to pinnatifid with crispate, dentate lobes; cauline leaves similar but smaller, often sessile, remote. Involucre 10-12 x 10-12 mm; bracts imbricate, oblong, obtuse to acute, with a wide, whitish, scarious margin. Receptacular scales linear, acute. Achenes 4-5 mm.

from: Sell, P. D. 1976: 148. Rothmaleria Font Quer – Pp. 305 in: Tutin, G. & al. (ed.), Flora Europaea 4. – Cambridge.


Europe: SpainnativeA (SpainnativeB)


A. Tutin, T. G. & al., Flora Europaea. 1964-1993
B. Willkomm, M. & Lange J., Prodromus florae hispanicae 2. 1865-1870 (as Haenselera granatensis)