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Common names

Chinese (China): 厚喙菊属 hou hui ju shuA


Dubyaea is a genus of about 15 species, distributed in the E Himalayas (Bhutan, N India, Nepal), SW China and N Myanmar. It is a member of the large E Asian-North American Dubyaea-Nabalus-Soroseris-Syncalathium clade (see Crepidinae, Systematics).


Herbs, perennial, often rosulate, caulescent or rarely acaulescent with 1 or few scapes. Stems leafy or leafless, with ± stiff, yellowish brown, reddish to purplish brown, or blackish mostly glandular hairs, rarely glabrous. Synflorescence of a solitary capitulum or corymbiform, rarely umbelliform with few to several or rarely to 20 capitula. Capitula declined, pendent, or erect, with several (ca. 7) to numerous (ca. 70) florets. Involucre cylindric, broadly campanulate, or almost hemispheric. Phyllaries in several series, often dark green to purplish or blackish when dry, glabrous or with brownish, purplish, or blackish stiff often glandular hairs along midvein; outer phyllaries imbricate, centripetally longer, longest 1/3–4/5 as long as inner ones; inner phyllaries ca. 8 to many, linearlanceolate to lanceolate, ± equal to somewhat unequal in length. Florets yellow or of some shade of purple (pale, bluish, reddish, or brownish), or blue. Receptacle naked. Achene ± fusiform, weakly ± compressed, with 5 usually prominent main ribs alternating with 1 or 2 more slender secondary ribs, apex truncate or attenuate. Pappus yellowish, brownish, brown, or rarely ?whitish, bristles scabrid.

from: Shih C. & Kilian N. in Wu Z. Y. & al. (ed.), Flora of China 20–21: 335. 2011, Beijing & St Louis.

Chromosome numbers

Diploids, x = 8.B


Asia-Temperate: China South-Central (Sichuan native, Yunnan native); Tibet native Asia-Tropical: Assam (Assam native); East Himalaya (Arunachal Pradesh native, Bhutan native, Darjiling native, Sikkim native); India (Uttar Pradesh native, West Bengal native); Myanmar native; Nepal native; West Himalaya (Himachal Pradesh native, Jammu-Kashmir native, Uttaranchal native)


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B. Watanabe K., Index to chromosome numbers in Asteraceae.