Scorzoneroides autumnalis

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Scorzoneroides autumnalis


Perennial herb with a premorse, oblique, usually branched stock and tap-root with fibrous side-roots, each branch of the stock terminating in a rosette of leaves. Stems single to numerous, 2-60 cm, yellowish-green, sometimes tinted brownish-purple, prostrate to ascending or erect, markedly ridged and channelled, often flexuous, glabrous or with sparse simple eglandular hairs, leafless, but with narrow bracts, simple or branched. Leaves few to numerous, all basal, the lamina 15-20 x 0.3-3.0 cm, dull medium green on upper surface with a pale midrib, paler beneath, sometimes flushed reddish-purple especially on the midrib, rarely fleshy, narrowly to broadly oblanceolate, obtuse to acute at apex, entire to remotely sinuate-dentate or deeply pinnatisect, the segments narrowly lanceolate to linear, obtuse or acute at apex, patent or recurved and usually very irregular, gradually narrowed at base to short or medium, winged petioles, sometimes bearing an occasional tooth, glabrous or with few to numerous, sometimes rather stiff simple eglandular hairs. Capitula 1-numerous on each stem, solitary at the ends of branches, 12-40 mm in diameter; peduncles like the stem, with several small, lanceolate, often colourless bracts particularly just below the capitulum. Involucral bracts in several rows, 6-15 x 0.8-1.5 mm, dull green with dark tips, linear-lanceolate, gradually narrowed to an acute apex, usually with some arachnoid hairs, without or with few to dense simple eglandular hairs and minute, whitish, soft hairs. Flowers 4-16 mm, all ligulate, the ligules deep yellow, rarely lemon yellow, the outer usually with a reddish or purplish stripe on the outer face, shortly 5-lobed at apex. Stigmas discoloured. Receptacle slightly convex, pitted, without scales. Achenes 3.5-8.0 mm, reddish-brown to dark brown, cylindrical, slightly narrowed above, transversely muricate; pappus 3-8 mm, very pale brown or grey, of 1 row of plumose hairs. Flowers 6-11. Freely visited by a great variety of insects and automatically self-pollinated. 2n = 12, 24.

from: Sell, P. & Murell, G. 2006: Flora of Great Britain and Ireland 4. – Cambridge.


Africa: MorocconativeA Asia-Temperate: Altaynative (AltaynativeB); Buryatiyanative (BuryatiyanativeC); Irkutsknative (IrkutsknativeB); Kamchatkaintroduced (KamchatkaintroducedD); Kazakhstannative (KazakhstannativeE); Khabarovskintroduced (KhabarovskintroducedD); Krasnoyarsknative (KrasnoyarsknativeB,F); Kuril Is.introduced (Kuril Is.introducedD); North Caucasusnative (Kabardino-BalkariyanativeG, Karacheyevo-CherkessiyanativeG, KrasnodarnativeG, StavropolnativeG); Primoryeintroduced (PrimoryeintroducedD); Sakhalinintroduced (SakhalinintroducedD); Saudi Arabianative (Saudi ArabianativeH); West Siberia (West SiberiaB,F) Australasia: New Zealand Northintroduced (New Zealand NorthintroducedI); New Zealand Southintroduced (New Zealand SouthintroducedI) Europe: Albania (AlbaniaJ,K,L); Austrianative (AustrianativeM, LiechtensteinnativeN); Baltic Statesnative (EstonianativeO, KaliningradnativeP, LatviaO, LithuanianativeO); Belarusnative (BelarusnativeQ); Belgiumnative (BelgiumnativeR, LuxembourgnativeS); Bulgarianative (BulgarianativeT,U,V,W,X); Central European Russianative (Central European RussianativeQ); Corsereported in error (Corsereported in errorAA,AB,AC,X,Y,Z); Czechoslovakianative (Czech RepublicAD,AE,AF,AG, SlovakianativeAD,AE,AH); Denmarknative (DenmarknativeAI,X); East European Russianative (East European RussianativeQ); Finlandnative (FinlandAJ,X); FranceAA,AK,AL,X,Y; Føroyarnative (FøroyarnativeAM,X); Germanynative (GermanyAN,AO,AP,X); Great Britainnative (Great BritainnativeX); Greecenative (GreecenativeAQ,X); Hungarynative (HungarynativeAR,AS,X); Icelandintroduced (IcelandintroducedAT,X); Irelandnative (IrelandnativeAU,AV, Northern IrelandnativeAU); ItalynativeAW,AX,AY,AZ,X; Krymnative (Krymnative: reported in errorBA,BB,BC,BD,X); Netherlandsnative (NetherlandsnativeBE,X); North European Russianative (North European RussianativeBF,Q); Northwest European Russianative (Northwest European RussianativeQ); Norwaynative (NorwaynativeBG,X); Polandnative (PolandBH,BI,X); Portugalnative (PortugalnativeBJ,X); Romanianative (RomanianativeBK,BL,X); Sicilynative (SicilynativeAW,AX,BM); South European Russianative (South European RussianativeQ); Spainnative (AndorranativeBN, SpainnativeBO,BP,BQ,BR,BS,X); Swedennative (SwedennativeBT,BU,X); Switzerlandnative (SwitzerlandnativeBV,BW,X); Turkey-in-Europenative: presence questionable (Turkey-in-Europenative: presence questionableBX,BY); Ukrainenative (MoldovanativeBZ,Q, UkrainenativeCA,CB,Q); Yugoslavianative (Bosnia-HerzegovinanativeCC,V, CroatianativeAX,CD,V, MontenegronativeCE,V, SerbianativeCF,CG,V, SlovenianativeCH,CI) Northern America: Alaskaintroduced (AlaskaintroducedCJ); British Columbiaintroduced (British ColumbiaintroducedCK); Connecticutintroduced (ConnecticutintroducedCJ); Greenlandintroduced (GreenlandintroducedCJ,CK); Idahointroduced (IdahointroducedCJ); Iowaintroduced (IowaintroducedCJ); Labradorintroduced (LabradorintroducedCJ,CK); Maineintroduced (MaineintroducedCJ); Massachusettsintroduced (MassachusettsintroducedCJ); Michiganintroduced (MichiganintroducedCJ); New Brunswickintroduced (New BrunswickintroducedCJ,CK); New Hampshireintroduced (New HampshireintroducedCJ); New Jerseyintroduced (New JerseyintroducedCJ); New Yorkintroduced (New YorkintroducedCJ); Newfoundlandintroduced: adventitious (casual) (NewfoundlandintroducedCJ,CK, St.Pierre-Miquelonintroduced: adventitious (casual)CK); Northwest Territoriesintroduced (Northwest TerritoriesintroducedCK); Nova Scotiaintroduced (Nova ScotiaintroducedCJ,CK); Ohiointroduced (OhiointroducedCJ); Ontariointroduced (OntariointroducedCK); Oregonintroduced (OregonintroducedCJ); Pennsylvaniaintroduced (PennsylvaniaintroducedCJ); Prince Edward I.introduced (Prince Edward I.introducedCJ,CK); Québecintroduced (QuébecintroducedCJ,CK); Rhode I.introduced (Rhode I.introducedCJ); Vermontintroduced (VermontintroducedCJ); Washingtonintroduced (WashingtonintroducedCJ); West Virginiaintroduced (West VirginiaintroducedCJ) Southern America: Argentina Southintroduced (Santa CruzintroducedCL); Chile Centralintroduced (ValparaísointroducedCL); Chile Southintroduced (MagellanesintroducedCL)

Common names

Bulgarian (Bulgaria): Есенна жълтицаCM,1; Catalan; Valencian (Spain): Ales serradesBQ; Czech (Czech Republic): Máchelka podzimníCN,1, Podzimka obecnáCN,2; Danish (Denmark): Høst-BorstCO,1; English (Great Britain): Autumn HawkbitCP,1; English (New Zealand): Autumn hawkbitI; English (Northern America): Autumn hawkbitCQ; Estonian (Estonia): Sügisene seanuppCR,1; Finnish (Finland): SyysmaitiainenCO,1; French (Belgium): Léontodon d'automneCS,1; French (Corse): Liondent d'automneCT,1; French (France): Liondent d'automneCU,1, Léontodon d'automneCU,2; French (Northern America): Liondent d'automneCQ; French (Switzerland): Liondent d'automneCV,1; German (Germany): Herbst-LöwenzahnCW,1; German (Switzerland): Herbst-LöwenzahnCV,1; Icelandic (Iceland): SkarifífillCO,1; Italian (Italy): Dente di leone ramosoCX,1; Italian (Switzerland): Dente di leone ramosoCV,1; Latvian (Latvia): Rudens vēlpieneCR,1; Lithuanian (Lithuania): Rudeninė snaudalėCR,1; Norwegian (Norway): FølblomCO,1; Polish (Poland): Brodawnik jesiennyCY,1; Romanian (Moldova): Капул кэругэрулуй томнатикCZ,1; Swedish (Sweden): HöstfibblaDA,1
1. recommended, 2. synonym


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