Tragopogon olympicus

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Tragopogon olympicus

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Perennial, 5-15 cm, pilose to ± glabrous. Stems unbranched. Leaves lanceolate, rarely ovate. Peduncles not thickened below capitula. Base of involucre tomentose. Phyllaries c. 8, broadly lanceolate, shorter than flowers, 1.5-2 cm in flowering capitulum, 2-3 cm in fruiting capitulum. Flowers yellow. Achenes 16-20 mm, with 10 longitudinal rows of short scales, beak 3-5 mm. Pappus 12-17 mm, brownish?, annulus sparsely hairy. Fl. 7-8.

from: Matthew, V. A. 1975: 103. Tragopogon – Pp. 657-668 in: Davis, P.H. et al (ed.), Flora of Turkey 5. – Edinburgh.


Asia-Temperate: TurkeynativeA,B,C

Common names

Turkish (Turkey): Ulu yemlikC


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