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Asia-Temperate: Iran (Irannative); North Caucasusnative (Dagestannative); Transcaucasus (Azerbaijannative, Georgianative: presence questionable) Europe: Albania (Albanianative); Austrianative (Austrianative, Liechtensteinnative); Czechoslovakia (Czech Republicnative); Francenative; Germany (Germanynative); Greece (Greecenative); Italynative; Spain (Andorranative, Spainnative: reported in error); Switzerland (Switzerlandnative); Yugoslavia (Croatianative, Macedonianative, Montenegronative, Serbianative, Slovenianative)


Sexually reproducing perennials with a creeping to ± vertical rootstock. Leaves in a basal rosette, greyish green, with sparse araneous indumentum. Stem considerably exceeding the leaves. Capitula solitary, or stem branched above, with each branch subtended by a bract-like leaf. Involucre with two distinct series of bracts, exterior bracts appressed to erect, usually 1/3 to 1/5 as long as the interior ones. Indumentum dimorphic, of short, white, appressed, arachnoid to crispate hairs and long, multicellular, greyish or blackish, soft, patent hairs, the latter either confined to, or denser on, the involucre. Flowers yellow. Receptacle glabrous. Cypselas rostrate, the body ± cylindrical, longitudinally ribbed, almost smooth below, slightly transversely rugulose squamulose in the upper part, more rarely ± tuberculate throughout, with five squamules forming a distinct crenulate collar at the apex, abruptly narrowing to a ± fragile,
thin (0.1–0.25 mm) long rostrum. Pappus white, of numerous scabrid bristles.

from: Kirschnerová & Kirschner in Taxon 45: 628. 1996.

Common names

Albanian (Albania): KalikokorsA,1; German (Germany): KrönchenlattichB,1; Italian (Italy): LattugaccioC,1
1. recommended


The name of the genus honours Pierre Rémi Willemet (1735–1807), a French botanist, professor of natural history and director of the Botanic Garden Nancy.D

Chromosome numbers

Diploids, x = 5.E


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