Leontodon rigens

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Leontodon rigens



Perennial with oblique, truncate stock. Stems 15-60 cm, branched, with few to numerous, rigid simple eglandular and long-stalked 2-fid hairs; bracts numerous. Leaves 90-310 x 30-120 mm, elliptical, obtuse to subacute, narrowed into a winged petiole, regularly dentate with narrowly mammiform, patent teeth, with few to numerous, rigid, simple eglandular or long-stalked 2-fid hairs. Capitula 20-80, in a more or less corymbose panicle. Involucre 8-12 x 4-6 mm; bracts linear to linear-lanceolate, more or less obtuse, glabrous or with appressed soft hairs, sometimes with a few longer rigid hairs. Ligules yellow. Styles discoloured. Achenes 4.5-5.5 mm, pale brown, weakly transversely muricate, shortly beaked; pappushairs in 2 rows, the inner plumose, the outer scabrid.

from: Finch, R. A. & Sell, P. D. 1976: 159. Leontodon L. – Pp. 310-315 in: Tutin, G. & al. (ed.), Flora Europaea 4. – Cambridge.


Africa: AzoresnativeA,B,C

Common names

Portuguese (Azores): Patalugo-menorD


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