Taraxacum wendelboanum

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Taraxacum wendelboanum

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"Relatively slender plants to ca.18 cm tall. Petiole narrow, ± unwinged, purplish, sparsely arachnoid at base; tunic absent. Leaves light grey-green, usually 5–12 × 0.5–2 cm, outer leaves with a narrowly triangular, elongated terminal segment and 2–3 pairs of linear to narrowly triangular, patent to subrecurved lobes to 0.6–0.8 cm long (lobes and interlobes entire); middle or inner leaves (probably the most doveloped ones during full or late flowering) withdistinct, lingulate, linear-elongated terminal segment ca. (2–) 4–5 (–5.5) × 0.5–0.7 cm, entire or rarely with a pairsub-basal obtuse teeth (or a single tooth), and 1–2 pairs of linear-triangular, subrecurved, entire or subentire lateral segments. Scapes usually 1–3, to ca. 15 cm long, sparsely arachnoid to arachnoid below capitulum. Involucrerounded at base, ca. 7–9 mm wide. Outer phyllaries 10–14, appressed, lanceolate to narrowly lanceolate, sometimes to ovate-lanceolate, (5–) 6.4–7.0 × 2.0–2.3 (–2.5) mm, margins sparsely ciliate, with a narrow black middle strip and a dark green-blackish middle part, with a gradual to subabrupt transition into greenish white (sometimes membranous to white) border usually 0.2–0.3 (–0.4) mm wide; inner phyllaries green to dark green, ca. 12–14 mm long. Flowers yellow, outer ligules ± flat or often canaliculate, striped grey purplish outside; ligule teeth ± blackish-purple. Anthers polliniferous, pollen grains irregular in size. Stigmas greenish to green, with blackish pubescence outside. Achenes pale greyish stramineous-brown, 4.5–4.9 × (0.9–) 1.0–1.1 (–1.2) mm, body with medium sparse squamules and thin spinules in upper 1/4, body subgradually to subabruptly narrowing into ± cylindrical cone 0.9–1.0 × 0.3 mm, beak relatively thin, ca. 7 mm long, pappus yellowish white, ca. 5.5 mm long. Agamosperm."

from Kirschner & al. (2020: 247)A


Asia-Tropical: Pakistan nativeB,C; West Himalaya (Jammu-Kashmir nativeA)


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