Taraxacum wendelboanum

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Taraxacum wendelboanum

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"Relatively slender plants to ca. 18 cm tall, sparsely aranose at base. Leaves light grey-green, usually 5–12 × 0.5–2 cm, outer leaves with a narrowly triangular, elongated terminal segment and 2–3 pairs of linear to narrowly triangular, patent to subrecurved lobes to 0.6–0.8 cm long (lobes and interlobes entire); middle or inner leaves (probably the most developed ones during full or late flowering) with a distinct, lingulate, linear-elongated terminal segment ca. (2–)4–5(–5.5) × 0.5–0.7 cm, entire or rarely with a pair of sub-basal obtuse teeth (or a single tooth), and 1–2 pairs of linear triangular, subrecurved, entire or subentire lateral segments. Scapes usually 1–3, to ca. 15 cm long, sparsely aranose to aranose below capitulum. Involucre ± rounded at base, ca. 7–9 mm wide; inner phyllaries green to dark green, ca. 12–14 mm long. Outer phyllaries 10–14, lanceolate to linear-lanceolate, sometimes to ovate-lanceolate, (5–)6.4–7 × 2–2.3(–2.5) mm, margins sparsely ciliate, with a narrow black middle strip and a dark green-blackish middle part, with a gradual to subabrupt transition into greenish white (sometimes membranous to white) border usually 0.2–0.3(–0.4) mm wide. Flowers yellow, often canaliculate, striped grey outside; ligule teeth ± blackish. Stigmas greenish to green, with blackish pubescence. Pollen present, irregular in size. Achenes (Fig. 16) pale greyish straw-brown, 4.5–4.6(–4.9) × 0.8–0.9(–1) mm, achene body very gradually narrowing into subcylindrical cone ca. 0.9–1 mm long and ca. 0.3 mm thick, with medium sparse squamules and some thin acute spinules in the upper 1/4–1/5, otherwise smooth, rostrum slightly thicker, 4–6 mm, pappus white to yellowish white, ca. 5 mm long. Agamosperm."A


Asia-Tropical: Pakistan nativeB,C


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