Taraxacum conauditatum

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Taraxacum conauditatum

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"Plants small, usually 5–12 cm tall. Petiole ± green (sometimes faintly purplish), narrow, unwinged, ± glabrous to sparsely arachnoid; plant base with some long, whitish to brownish hairs, with remanants of old dry petioles. Leaves ± mid-green to slightly greyish green, subglabrous, oblong-linear in outline, usually (3–) 4–6 (–9) × 0.6–1.3 (–1.7) cm, pinnatisect to almost undivided, usually with 3–5 pairs of linear to linear-triangular (± triangular in outer leaves) lateral segments of more inner leaves ca. 6 × 1.5 mm, entire, acute, usually ± straight or ± hamate, or lateral segment triangular, short, or reduced to narrow, tooth-like lobules, then leaves undivided, linear-oblanceolate, apex obtuse to acute; interlobes distinct, usually narrow; terminal segment usually linear-triangular or narrowly triangular, entire, acute, basal lobules short, acute. Scapes brownish green, sparsely arachnoid, scarcely overtopping leaves or equalling them. Capitulum yellow, ca. 1.5–2 cm wide. Involucre light greyish green, usually 6–7 mm wide and ± rounded at base. Outer phyllaries 10–14, appressed to loosely so, ± imbricate, ovate to narrowly lanceolate, usually 4–6.5 (–7.5) × 1.1–2.2 mm, light greyish green, with a sharply delimited, narrow (0.1–0.3 mm) membranous to whitish-membranous border and a dark grey mid-vein, often there is a darker greyish green middle part, with a gradual transition into a broader marginal paler zone, margin ± glabrous or distally very sparsely minutely ciliate, apex flat to calhner & al. (2020: lose; inner phyllaries 10–12 mm ,long, often corniculate. Outer ligules ± canaliculate, striped grey-purple outside, inner ligule teeth dirty yellow or yellow. Stigmas ± dirty yellow, with hyaline pubescence outside. Anthers sparsely polliniferous (outer florets sometimes without pollen), pollen grains irregular in size. Achenes reddish brown (when unripe) to ± pure brown or castaneous-brown, 4.0–4.7 × 0.9 mm, body with ± dense short spinules in upper 1/4, subabruptly to subgradually narrowing into a thin, long, cylindrical cone (1.0–) 1.2–1.8 × ca. 0.2 mm; beak thin, ca. 6–7.5 mm; pappus yellowish, ca. 5.5 mm long. Agamosperm."

from Kirschner & al. (2020: 273)A


Asia-Tropical: West Himalaya (Jammu-Kashmir nativeA)


A. Kirschner J., Štěpánek J., Klimeš L. & al., The Taraxacum flora of Ladakh, with notes on the adjacent regions of the West Himalaya in Phytotaxa 457: 1-409. 2020