Lactuca calophylla

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Lactuca calophylla


Perennial herb, scapose, with solitary or twin flowering stem(s) 20-75 cm high; roots somewhat woody; root-crown with old laciniate leaf bases, otherwise glabrous; stem sparsely to densely setose on the ribs, the setae purple, leaves in a rosette, sessile, broadly elliptic, 5.5-22.5 cm long, 2-12 cm wide, base cuneate to attenuate, margins sinuate-dentate, apex obtuse or retuse with a mucro, pale green and glabrous above, with purple veins and sparsely setose beneath; cauline leaves absent or 1-2, similar to the rosette ones. Capitula many, in narrow panicles; involucre cylindrical, 8-12 mm long; phyllaries 3-seriate, green, ovate to lanceolate, 2-12 mm long, glabrous or the very apex minutely hairy. Corolla yellow, tube cylindric, 2.5-3.5 mm long, ligule 7-12 mm long, 2.5-4 mm wide. Achenes fusiform, 4.2-5.8 mm long, 3-ribbed on each side, sparsely puberulous, not or hardly beaked; pappus 4-7 mm long.

from: Jeffrey, C. & Beentje, H. J. 2000: Cichorieae. – Pp. 63-108 in: Beentje, H. J. & Smith, S. A. L. (ed.), Flora of Tropical East Africa. Compositae (Part 1). – Kew.


Africa: MalawinativeA,B,C,D; TanzanianativeA,B,C,D; ZambianativeA,B,C,D


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