Melanoseris stewartii

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Melanoseris stewartii

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Plant perennial, stem papillose at the base, glabrous upward. Leaves simple, unlobed, petiole winged, 4-6 cm long, lamina 4-7.5 x 3-3.5 cm, ovate-lanceolate, entireserrate, acute-apiculate, cordate- hastate. Inflorescence a simple raceme. Capitula drooping, each with 3 florets, pedunculate. Involcure phyllaries biseriate, glabrous, outer ones 5-6, 3-5 x 1.5-2 mm, ovate-lanceolate, inners 3, 13-15 x 2-3 mm, linear to oblong, obtuse. Cypsela 7 x 1.5-2 mm, oblong, black, hispid, angled or prismatic, outer ones with 3 ribs, inners with 5 narrow ribs, rounded or truncate apically, narrow towards the base, beakless; pappus biseriate, outer very short, inner 6-7 mm long, white, fragile.

from: Bano R. & Qaiser M. 2009: A new species and a new combination of Prenanthes L., (Lactuceae-Asteraceae) from Pakistan and Kashmir in: Pak. J. Bot. 41(5): 2087-2091.


Asia-Tropical: West Himalaya (Jammu-KashmirnativeA,B)


A. Bano R. & Qaiser M., A new species and a new combination of Prenanthes L. (Lactuceae-Asteraceae) from Pakistan and Kashmir in Pakistan J. Bot. 41(5): 2087-2091. 2009 (as Prenanthes stewartii Roohi Bano & Qaiser)
B. Ghafoor A. & al., Flora of Pakistan 222. Asteraceae (IV) Cichorieae. 2017 (as Melanoseris stewartii)