Taraxacum sect. Confusa

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Taraxacum sect. Confusa

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Plants not tall but robust; leaves thick, not spotted, glabrous or rarely araneous, sinuate-dentate to pinnatisect, interlobes not distinct, petioles usually winged, pink or pale greenish. Capitulum deep yellow or pale yellow, large, 5–6 cm in diameter. Exterior involucral bracts loosely appressed to patent, rarely recurved, ovate to lanceolate, 8–12 x 3–4 mm, frequently dark green and suffused pinkish, with distinct pale borders, conspicuously corniculate (horns 1–3 mm long, blackish). Pollen present or absent, stigmas discoloured, rarely yellowish. Achenes robust, (4–)4.5–6.5 mm long and usually 1.5 mm thick, of various coloration, usually stramineous or greyish brown or red-brown, achene body densely spinulose above, subgradually narrowing in a subconical, (0.7–)1–1.5 mm long cone. Rostrum 7–10mmlong, pappus white to dirty white. Agamospermous polyploids.

from: Kirschner & Štěpánek in Folia Geobot. 39: 271. 2004.


Asia-Temperate: North Caucasus native (Chechnya native, Dagestan native, Kabardino-Balkariya native, Karacheyevo-Cherkessiya native, Krasnodar native, Severo-Osetiya native, Stavropol native); Transcaucasus (Abkhaziya native, Adzhariya native, Armenia nativenativeA, Azerbaijan native, Georgia native, Nakhichevan native)


A. Tahtadžjan A. L., Flora Armenii 9. 1995 (as Taraxacum ceratophorum)