Lactuca schulzeana

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Lactuca schulzeana

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Common names

Kongo (West and Central Africa): MumpongompongoA, Nongo NongoA


An erect long-lived giant annual herb, up to 3(3.5) m tall. Taproot with several thick ± fleshy lateral roots. Stem solitary simple up to c. 1.5 cm in diam., striately ribbed hollow glaucous, sparsely setose below, glabrous above. Leaves cauline somewhat crowded below; the lowermost up to c. 32 x 12 cm, elliptic-lanceolate in outline, grossly lyrate-runcinate, apices acute to obtuse, bases cuneate-attenuate with midrib ± narrowly winged petiole-like and semi-amplexicaul, denticulate on the margins, glabrous or sparsely setose particularly on the midrib and main nerves beneath; the upper leaves decreasing in size towards the stem apex, becoming lanceolate, undivided and sessile, ± sparsely setose. Synflorescence elongate-paniculate; branches short, patent and much thinner than the stem axis, sparsely glandular setulose, bracteate; bracts foliaceous. Capitula numerous stalked; involucres 6-8 mm long at time of flowering, increasing to c. 12 mm in fruiting capitula, cylindric to very narrowly campanulate. Phyllaries 4-5-seriate, purplish, glabrous, ciliolate above; the outermost c. 1.5 mm long, ovate; the innermost up to c. 12 mm long, lorate-lanceolate, obtuse to acute. Florets c. 10 per capitulum. Corollas 10-12.5 mm long, blue to purplish; tube c. 5 mm long, narrowly cylindric, sparsely setulose about the outside of the throat; ligule c. 6.5 mm long, oblanceolate-lorate, lobes c. 1 mm long, apically papillose. Achenes dark-brown, c. 4.5 mm long including a distinct 1 mm long beak, c. 1.25 mm wide, fusiform, 3-4-angled, 1-several-ribbed between the angles, minutely hispidulous; beak slender, discolorous; pappus several-seriate of white barbellate setae c. 5 mm long.

from: Pope, G. V. 1992: Flora Zambesiaca 6, part 1. – London.


Africa: AngolanativeA,B,C,D,E,F,G; CameroonnativeB,E,G,H; CongonativeB; NigerianativeB; UgandanativeB; ZairenativeA,E,G; ZambianativeG


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