Taraxacum sect. Parvula

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Taraxacum sect. Parvula

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Common names

Chinese (China): 小花蒲公英组 xiao hua pu gong ying zuA


The original concept of sect. Parvula by Handel-Mazzetti unites very heterogeneous elements, therefore the circumscription of the section usually follows the narrower concept established by Soest (1963), e.g. by Kirschner & al. (2020).B,C


Plants usually small to medium-sized. Petiole usually narrowly winged; leaf blade light grayish green or glaucous green, pinnatilobed to pinnatisect; lobes not numerous, triangular, simple, margin usually entire or sparsely denticulate. Involucre usually 7–10 mm wide, base subobconic to ± rounded. Outer phyllaries not numerous, usually 8–12(–20), pale green to light glaucous green with a narrow darker middle strip and paler surface, narrowly lanceolate to ± ovate, subimbricate, appressed to erect but sometimes some arcuate, border whitish and very narrow. Ligules yellow. Achene pale straw-colored brown, ochraceous, pale reddish straw-colored brown, or grayish to whitish straw-colored brown, 3.8–5.2 × 0.7–0.9(–1) mm; body sparsely spinulose above, usually very gradually narrowing into a subcylindric 0.8–1.4 mm cone; beak 6–8 mm, thin. Pappus white, 5–7 mm. Sexual or agamospermous.

from: Ge X., Kirschner J. & Štepánek J. in Wu Z. Y. & al. (ed.), Flora of China 20–21: 318. 2011, Beijing & St Louis.


Asia-Temperate: Afghanistan native: presence questionable; China South-Central (Sichuan native, Yunnan native); Tibet native; Xinjiang native Asia-Tropical: East Himalaya native (Bhutan native, Sikkim native); India (Punjab native, Uttar Pradesh native); Myanmar native; Nepal native; Pakistan native; Vietnam doubtfully present; West Himalaya (Himachal Pradesh native, Jammu-Kashmir native)


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