Taraxacum spiticum

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Taraxacum spiticum

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"Plants robust, to 2–25 cm tall. Petiole purplish, narrow, narrowly winged. Leaves ± thickened, subcoriaceous, light (greyish ?) green, narrowly oblanceolate in outline, 10–12 (–15) × 1.8–2.8 cm, pinnatilobed, with 2–4 pairs of recurved, narrowly triangular, acute lateral segments (or only with flat shallow obtuse lobes), often with an acute, triangular tooth to the distal margin; interlobes broad, subentire; leaf terminal part large, subobtuse. Scapes brownish green, ± arachnoid, overtopping leaves. Capitulum yellow, 2.5–3 cm wide. Involucre deep green to dark green, ca. 13 mm wide and broadly rounded to almost truncate at base. Outer phyllaries numerous, ca. 16–18, not imbricate, ± lanceolate to narrowly lanceolate, (6.5–) 8–11.5 × (1.5–) 2.6–3 mm, appressed, surface ± dark green to grey-green (suffused purplish distally), with a blurred transition into an inconspicuous, paler green to whitish-membranous border 0.4–0.5 mm wide, phyllaries usually distally attenuate and suddenly enlarged to form a robust thick horn to 1.5–2 mm long, some phyllaries without horns; inner phyllaries 16.5–18 mm long, with corniculate apex. Outer ligules ± flat, faintly striped (greyish-) pink outside, inner ligule teeth pale grey-pink. Stigmas yellow. Anthers polliniferous, pollen grains irregular in size. Achenes unripe, conspicuously spinulose above, body subabruptly narrowing into subconical to subcylindrical cone, beak thin, pappus ± white, 6–7 mm long. Agamosperm."

from Kirschner & al. (2020: 394)A


Asia-Tropical: West Himalaya (Himachal Pradesh nativenativeB,C)


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