Scorzonera ovata

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Scorzonera ovata

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Perennial. Plant (9)10-2-(35) cm high. Root thickened into oblong or roundish tuber; root collar covered with brown or stramineous shining sheaths. Stems leafy, especially in lower part, branched, flowering branches (2)5-15(20) cm long, slightly curved, (2)3-7(15). Basal and cauline leaves hard with pinnate venation, margin cartilaginous, undulate-crimped; lowermost leaves broadly ovate, acuminate, less often subobtuse, narrowed into petiole; middle cauline and those on branches reduced above, oblong-lanceolate, roundish at base, amplexicaul. Capitula broadly cylindrical, 2.5-3.5 cm long and 0.7-1 cm wide. Involucral bracts glabrous, coriaceous, membranous along margin, often bordered with red stripe; outer bracts ovate-deltoid, obtuse; inner ones oblong-lanceolate, subobtuse, much longer than outer. Ligulate florets yellow, far exserted from involucre. Achenes 6-7 mm long, weakly curved; flattened-cylindrical, angular-ribbed, transversely tuberculate-serrate; pappus snow-white, dense, soft, its bristles plumose, barbed above.

from: Bobrov, E. G. & Tzvelev, N. N. (ed.) 2000: Flora of the USSR XXIX, Compositae, Tribe Cichorieae. – Enfield.


Asia-Temperate: AfghanistannativeA,B; KirgizistannativeC,D; TadzhikistannativeE; TurkmenistannativeB,F; UzbekistannativeG


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