Picris hieracioides subsp. hispidissima

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Picris hieracioides subsp. hispidissima

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Biennial. Stems 30-40 cm, with numerous unequal, rigid hairs. Leaves with numerous unequal hairs; basal 40-95 x 15-30 mm, narrowly elliptical to lanceolate in outline, pinnatisect with linear to narrowly triangular lobes, subpetiolate; cauline similar but smaller. Capitula numerous; peduncles thickened above but constricted immediately below apex. Involucre 11-15 x 10-12 mm; bracts lanceolate, acute, strongly pectinate-ciliate and with rigid hairs on the median line; outer bracts up to 2/3 as long as inner. Achenes 5-6 mm, dark brown, strongly transversely muricate, slightly narrowed at apex.

from: Sell, P. & Murell, G. 2006: Flora of Great Britain and Ireland 4. – Cambridge.


Europe: Greecereported in errorA,B; ItalynativeB,C,D,E,F; Yugoslavia (Bosnia-HerzegovinanativeG, CroatianativeG,H, MontenegronativeG, SlovenianativeI,J,K)

Common names

Italian (Italy): Aspraggine ispidaL,1
1. recommended


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