Taraxacum caudatuliforme

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Taraxacum caudatuliforme

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van Soest 1966: 467 (habit)A


"Plants slender, 12–18 (−25) cm tall; petiole narrow to narrowly winged, leaves narrowly obovate to oblanceolate in outline, sparsely aranose, 8–17 cm long, 1.7–3.5 cm wide, obtuse, 3–4(−6) lobes on each side, lateral lobes 3–5, narrowly triangular-deltoid, acute, slightly recurved, interlobes distinct, entire or with minute teeth, relatively conspicuously coloured brownish purple, terminal lobe triangular to elongate-hastate, 1.5–2.5 cm long, 1.4–2.5 cm wide, entire or with symmetrical shallow incisions, subacute, basal lobules acute; scapes thin, equalling or overtopping leaves, ±aranose; involucre at base c. 6 mm wide, olivaceous green or dark so, outer phyllaries strongly arcuate-recurved to subreflexed, narrowly lanceolate, c. 7–11 mm long, 2–3.5 mm wide, immarginate, adaxially light glaucous-green to light green, flat, abaxially evenly dark olivaceous to (dry) blackish, apex purplish, inner phyllaries 11–13 mm long; capitulum yellow, c. 2.5–3 cm in diameter, outer ligules striped dark purplish grey, inner ligules with dirty yellow apical teeth; stigmas dark green or greyish green discoloured; pollen present, irregular; achenes deep olivaceous-stramineous, (3.3-)3.6–3.8 mm long (incl. cone), 0.85–1.0 mm wide, deeply ridged, body distinctly and densely spinulose in the upper 1/3, other parts rugose-smooth, subabruptly narrowing into subcylindrical cone (0.5-)0.6–1 mm long, beak 9 mm long, pappus white, 6 mm long."B


Europe: Bulgaria nativeB; Greece nativeB; Italy reported in errorA; Poland reported in errorC,D; Turkey-in-Europe nativeB


Kalheber H. 2010: Image sources (1 added).


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