Scorzonera doriae

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Scorzonera doriae

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Sparsely lanate perennial with vertical, cylindrical rootstock not fibrous at apex. Stems one or few, c. 4-15 cm, ascending, often branched and leafy in lower third. Basal leaves 2-8 x 0.1-0.3 cm, entire, grass-like, usually recurved. Cauline leaves smaller, otherwise similar. Capitula small; involucre 9-12 mm long at anthesis and up to 15 mm in fruit; phyllaries often tinged purplish. Ligules yellow. Achenes c. 5-7 mm, usually densely rufous- villous (rarely glabrous and olive-green). Pappus bristles ± equal in length, purple with whitish lateral hairs.

from: Lack, H. W. & Kilian, N. 1991: 29. Scorzonera L. - Pp. 531-537. - in: Strid, A. & Tan, K. (ed.), Mountain Flora of Greece 2. – Edinburgh.


Europe: AlbanianativeA,B,C,D,E; GreecenativeB,C,F,G,H,I; Yugoslavia (Bosnia-HerzegovinanativeB, MontenegronativeB,J, SerbianativeK)

Common names

Albanian (Albania): Skorzonerë e DoriasL,1
1. recommended


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