Taraxacum sect. Borysthenica

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Taraxacum sect. Borysthenica

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Plants tall and robust, often with ± leathery leaves, hairy, leaf surface at hair base usually thickened and forming a low protuberance. Leaves of variable shape, often subentire or with dentate to serrate margins, not rarely deeply lobed, interlobes short, not conspicuous, petioles narrow to winged, usually purplish, leaf blades often spotted, sometimes conspicuosly and entirely suffused purple. Interior involucral bracts 17–22, long, exterior bracts numerous, linear-lanceolate, (1.5–)2–3(–4) mm wide, erecto-patent to patent, sometimes arcuate to recurved, not corniculate, margins indistinct to very narrow, pale. Pollen absent or present, then variable in size. Stigmas dark, usually blackish green, rarely yellow. Achenes 4–6 mm long, of various (species-specific) colours (greyish, grey-brownish, brown, pale ochraceous), achene body densely spinulose above, subgradually narrowing in ± cylindrical, (0.8–)1–1.5 mm long cone. Rostrum (8.5–)9–13 mm long, pappus whitish, whitish-yellowish or slightly discoloured. Agamospermous polyploids (tri– and tetraploids).

from: Kirschner & Štěpánek in Folia Geobot. 39: 269-270. 2004.


Europe: Krym native; Ukraine (Ukraine native)