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Africa: Algerianative; Egyptnative; Libyanative; Tunisianative Asia-Temperate: Afghanistannative; Cyprusnative; Gulf Statesnative; Irannative; Iraqnative; Kazakhstannative; Kirgizistannative (KirgizistanpresentA); Kuwaitnative; Lebanon-Syrianative; Palestinenative; Saudi Arabianative; Sinainative; Tadzhikistannative; Tibetnative; Transcaucasusnative; Turkeynative; Turkmenistannative; Uzbekistannative; Xinjiangnative Asia-Tropical: Pakistannative; West Himalayanative Europe: Krymnative; South European Russianative; Spainnative; Ukrainenative


Herbs, annual. Stem solitary, delicate. Leaves narrowly grasslike, margin entire. Synflorescence diffuse. Capitula with few to some florets. Involucre small, cylindric at anthesis, spreading in fruit. Phyllaries in 1 outer and 1 inner series. Receptacle naked. Achene columnar-scorpioid, usually with 5 ribs, abaxially and apically hooked spiny. Pappus absent.

from: Shih C. & Kilian N. in Wu Z. Y. & al. (ed.), Flora of China 20–21: 206. 2011, Beijing & St Louis.

Capitula small, 5-12-flowered. Receptacle glabrous or with less numerous bristles. Involucre one- or two-rowed; inner involucral bracts five to seven, much longer than outer (latter two); involucral bracts spreading at fruiting, vertical during flowering. Flowers yellow, becoming pale on drying, sometimes turning blue. Achenes free stellately spreading, linear-cylindrical, often falcate, with hooked spines or tubercles on dorsal surface, and with tuft of divergent hooked bristles at apex. Annual herbs with linear, filiform or oblong leaves.

from: Bobrov, E. G. & Tzvelev, N. N. (ed.) 2000: Flora of the USSR XXIX, Compositae, Tribe Cichorieae. – Enfield.

Common names

Arabic (Lebanon): كُلْبِنْيَةB,1; Arabic (Syria): كُلْبِنْيَةC,1; Armenian (Armenia): ԿելպինիաD,1; Chinese (China): 蝎尾菊属 xie wei ju shuE; Hebrew (Israel): מַסּוֹרָןF,1, מסורןF,1; Russian (Armenia): КельпинияD,1; Turkish (Turkey): KaşgaldakG
1. recommended

Chromosome numbers

Diploids to nonaploids, x = 7 and 6.H


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