Melanoseris polyclada

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This species, usually treated as Cephalorrhynchus polycladus, must not be confused with the one treated as Cicerbita polyclada, which is based on Lactuca polyclada Boiss., not on Zollikoferia polyclada Boiss. Both are alpine species but are readily distinguished already habitually: In Cicerbita polyclada, the repeatedly ± divaricately and intricately branched stems are conspicuously inflated and rather soft, whereas they are slender and indurate in Melanoseris polyclada.

Melanoseris polyclada is closely related to M. "brassicifolia" (Lactuca brassicifolia) and M. "takhtadzhianii" The three species have been treated as the section Zollikoferiastrum by Sennikov (in Lazkov & al. 2014) of a very wide genus Lactuca. In view of the lack of morphological synapomorphies of the lineages of subtribe Lactucinae revealed by Wang & al. (2013) in their molecular phylogeny, Sennikov (in Lazkov & al. 2014) lumbed all genera of the core Lactucinae under Lactuca. In Lactuca M. polyclada has to be named L. piestocarpa since the epithet "polyclada" is already occupied there.


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Asia-Temperate: AfghanistannativeA,B; IrannativeB,C,D,E,F,G; KirgizistannativeH; TadzhikistannativeI Asia-Tropical: PakistannativeB,J,K; West Himalaya (Jammu-KashmirnativeK)


Lazkov G. A. 2015: Images (4 added)


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