Taraxacum vallis-nibulae

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Taraxacum vallis-nibulae

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The species, originally placed in Taraxacum sect. Dioszegia, was excluded from that section and transferred to T. sect. Taraxacum by Zeisek & al. (2015).A


Perennial whorled herb, 20-25 cm, sparingly and thinly puberulent, with scapes approximately as long as the leaves; arachnoid on the inner side of the involucral bracts. Leaves irregularly lobed-dentate, petiole 5-6 cm, with 3-4 triangular, patent major lobes, having back and lower margin more or less dentate. Space between lobes 0.5-1 cm, variously dentate. Apical lobe 2-4 cm, more or less triangular and obtuse; lobules triangular-acute. Involucre bracts lanceolate, with a margin; outer 7-8x2 mm, lanceolate-acute, inner up to 12 mm, lanceolate, with a scarious margin, acute or with a small appendage, not callosed. Capitula 2-3 cm in diameter with yellow ligules. Achenes straw-colored, about 3 mm, with a spiny cone, 1/3 as long as the body. Cone 0.5 mm; beak 7 mm; pappus 6-7 mm, white.

from: Arrigoni in Webbia 67: 39. 2012.


Europe: Italy (Italy nativeB)


A. Zeisek V. & al., Microsatellite variation, sexual reproduction and taxonomic revision of Taraxacum sect. Dioszegia in Preslia 87: 55-85. 2015: 85
B. Arrigoni, P. V. in Webbia 67. 2012