Prenanthes glandulosa

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Prenanthes glandulosa

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Prenanthes glandulosa Dunn ... is only known from the holotype at K, a piece of a flowering plant raised from seeds collected in “West China.” It seems to be a distinct species, perhaps referable to Faberia, as may be assumed from the involucre (purplish, inner phyllaries ca. 6, outer ones linear as in F. lancifolia), the 10–12 blue (or purple?) florets, and the pale straw-colored pappus. The lower leaves have a broadly ovate blade with cordate base and a distinct, basally sheathlike widened and clasping petiole. The axes of the paniculiform to corymbiform synflorescence are densely glandular hairy, a feature otherwise not known from Faberia.

from: N. Kilian & C. Shih in Wu & al., Flora of China 21-22: 212


Asia-Temperate: China South-Central (Yunnan nativeA)


A. C. Shih, Flora Reipublicae Popularis Sinicae 80(1). 1997