Taraxacum sect. Calanthodia

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Taraxacum sect. Calanthodia

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Common names

Chinese (China): 大头蒲公英组 da tou pu gong ying zuA


Plants robust. Petiole often winged; leaf blade shallowly to deeply lobed. Capitulum 3–6 cm wide. Involucre usually more than 1.5 cm wide. Outer phyllaries usually more than 10 × 4 mm, imbricate or not so, broadly ovate to lanceolate, appressed or rarely to patent, border usually distinct and pale, apex usually corniculate. Ligules yellow. Stigmas dark. Achene dark brown to straw-colored brown, large, usually 4.5–5.5 × 1.1–2 mm, ± densely spinulose above, subabruptly to abruptly narrowing into usually thick subconic to subcylindric 0.8–1.4 mm cone; beak usually 8–10 mm. Pappus white.

from: Ge X., Kirschner J. & Štěpánek J. in Wu Z. Y. & al. (ed.), Flora of China 20–21: 281. 2011, Beijing & St Louis.


Asia-Temperate: China North-Central (Gansu native, Hebei native, Shanxi native); China South-Central (Sichuan native, Yunnan native); Inner Mongolia (Ningxia native); Japan reported in error; Kazakhstan native; Kirgizistan native; Korea (North Korea reported in error, South Korea reported in error); Qinghai native; Tibet native Asia-Tropical: India (Uttar Pradesh reported in error); Nepal reported in error


A. Wu & al., Flora of China 20-21. 2011