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Reichardia is a well delimited, homogeneous genus of ten species of the core Hyoseridinae, the former Sonchinae, centred in the Mediterranean region (Gallego & al. 1980, Conti & al. 2015). In the molecular phylogenetic analyses of the Hyoseridinae by Kim & al. (2007), Reichardia is sister to either Launaea and Sonchus s.l. (in the ITS phylogeny), or to Launaea and both together are sister to Sonchus s.l. (in the matK phylogeny).

Morphologically the genus is characterised by rather large, many-flowered heads on distally usually somewhat expanded peduncles, phyllaries with pronounced scarious margin and unmistakable heteromorphic achenes with thick tuberculose projections and a homomorphic setaceous pappus.A,B,C

Chromosome numbers

Diploids, x = 9, 8, 7.D


Africa: Algeria (Algerianative); Canary Is. (Canary Is.native); Egypt (Egyptnative); Libya (Libyanative); Morocconative; Tunisia (Tunisianative) Asia-Temperate: Afghanistan (Afghanistannative); Cyprus (Cyprusnative); East Aegean Is. (East Aegean Is.native); Iran (Irannative); Iraq (Iraqnative); Lebanon-Syria (Lebanonnative, Syrianative); North Caucasusnative (Chechnyanative, Dagestannative, Kabardino-Balkariyanative, Karacheyevo-Cherkessiyanative, Krasnodarnative, Severo-Osetiyanative); Palestine (Israelnative, Jordannative); Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabianative); Sinai (Sinainative); Transcaucasus (Abkhaziyanative, Adzhariyanative, Armenianative, Azerbaijannative, Georgianative, Nakhichevannative); Turkey (Turkeynative) Asia-Tropical: India (Punjabnative); Pakistan (Pakistannative) Australasia: New South Wales (Australian Capital Territoryintroduced, New South Walesintroduced); South Australia (South Australiaintroduced); Victoria (Victoriaintroduced); Western Australia (Western Australiaintroduced) Europe: Albania (Albanianative); Baleares (Balearesnative); Bulgaria (Bulgarianative); Corse (Corsenative); Francenative; Greece (Greecenative); Italynative; Kriti (Kritinative); Portugal (Portugalnative); Sardegna (Sardegnanative); Sicilynative (Maltanative, Sicilynative); Spainnative (Gibraltarnative, Spainnative); Turkey-in-Europe (Turkey-in-Europenative); Yugoslavia (Bosnia-Herzegovinanative, Croatianative, Macedonianative: presence questionable, Montenegronative, Serbianative, Slovenianative)

Common names

Albanian (Albania): ReikardieE,1; Arabic (Lebanon): رَيْخَرْدْيَةF,1; Arabic (Syria): رَيْخَرْدْيَةG,1; Armenian (Armenia): ՌեյխարդիաH,1; Bulgarian (Bulgaria): РейхардияI,1; French (Corse): ReichardieJ,1; French (France): ReichardieK,1; Hebrew (Israel): תַּמְרִירL,1, תמרירL,1; Italian (Italy): GrattalinguaM,1; Russian (Armenia): РейхардияH,1; Turkish (Turkey): KarasakızN
1. recommended


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