Crepis gemicii

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Crepis gemicii

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Common names

Turkish (Turkey): Bey kıskısıA


Crepis gemicii is similar and closely related to C. bupleurifolia, C. paludosa and C. pannonica according to its authors.


Caulescent perennial, 45-65 cm tall, with woody fibrousrooted rhizome. Stem erect, with 4-9 capitula, glabrous below and glandular hairy above. Basal leaves glabrous, petiolate, 10-14 x1.6-2.6 cm, spathulate to oblanceolate or obovate, margin9inconspicuously and minutely dentate at the base only, upper part of leaves entire, apex mucronate; petiols slightly winged. Cauline leaves glabrous, entire, amplexicaul, auriculate, 4-8 x 1.5-3.0 cm, lanceolate, mucronate at apex, without teeth. Peduncles 5-8 mm in flower and 9-21 mm in fruit, erect or ascending, densely glandular hairy. Capitula 9-10-flowered. Involucre cylindrical, 10-12 x 8-11 mm, yellowish-green, densely glandular hairy. Phyllaries 2-pluriseriate, 9 inner and 9 outer; inner phyllaries 7-11 x 1.0-1.5 mm, yellowish-glandular hairy except for the apex which is blackish glandular hairy, upper parts slightly scarious, fimbriated or entire; outer phyllaries 3-5 x 0.8-1.0 mm yellowish-glandular hairy. Receptacle naked, flat. Corolla 10-12 mm, yellow; ligules ca 2 mm wide; tube 3-4 mm long; apex of lobes glandular hairy. Ovary 1.0-1.5 mm. Style branches 9-10 mm, yellow, lobes scabrous; stigma lobes ca 1 mm, papillate. Stamens ca 9 mm, anthers ca 5 mm. Achenes homomorphic, 5-6 mm x 0.8-1.0 mm, unbeaked, reddish brown to straw-coloured, 10-ribbed, spiculate. Pappus 4-5 mm long, included in or scarcely exserted from the involucre, barbellate, white, uniseriate.

from: Yıldırım & al. in Nordic J. Bot. 29: 14. 2011.


Asia-Temperate: TurkeynativeA


A. Güner A. (ed.), Türkiye Bitkileri Listesi (Damarlı Bitkiler). 2012