Crepis lacera

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Crepis lacera

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Common names

Albanian (Albania): Shmangë e prerëA,1; Italian (Italy): Radicchiella lazialeB,1
1. recommended


Herb, perennial. Flowering stems erect, sulcate, tomentose, sometimes hispid and glandular, sometimes glabrescent, robust, branched; branches weakly branched. Rosette leaves obovate and elliptic, up to 20.0 cm long, 8.0 cm wide, runcinate or pinnatifid, entire, denticulate or dentate, ciliate, mucronate or acute, petiole-like attenuate with a winged petiole, tomentose or sparsely hispid, sometimes woolly at the very base; terminal lobe linear to triangular, acuminate; lateral lobes linear or narrowly ovate. Cauline leaves obovate, linear or elliptic, pinnatifid or runcinate, entire, denticulate or dentate, ciliate, acute, attenuate or petiole-like attenuate with a winged petiole, tomentose or sparsely hispid, sometimes woolly at the very base, apically reduced to scales. Synflorescence racemiform to corymbiform. Peduncle 0.5-6.0 cm long, glabrescent or tomentose, often covered with bracts. Heads with 40-50 flowers. Involucre at flowering cylindric-campanulate, 8.0-11.0 mm long, tomentose, sometimes hispid; outer involucral bracts linear, acute; inner involucral bracts narrowly ovate, acute or obtuse, glabrous or sparsely strigose near tip. Receptacle areolate, naked. Corolla ligulate, c. 13.0 mm long, yellow, pubescent; tube c. 4.0 mm long; ligule 2.0 mm wide. Anthertube c. 4.0 mm long; apical appendages acute, c. 0.7 mm long. Style branches 2.0 mm long. Achenes fusiform in outline, 4.5-6.0 mm long, 0.9-1.3 mm wide, smooth or muricate, purplish brown or dark reddish, with 16-18-20 ribs, alternate ribs often stronger, attenuate into an ill-defined beak or attenuate. Pappus white, 5.5-6.5 mm long, persistent, flexible.

Based on: Babcock, E. B. 1947: The genus Crepis 2. – Univ. Calif. Publ. Bot. 22 (as Crepis latialis).


Europe: Albanianative; ItalynativeB,C,D,E,F (Italynative)


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