Taraxacum farellonicum

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Taraxacum farellonicum

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Based on morphology, distribution, habitat data and ambiguous sites in the nrITS sequences, T. farellonicum is supposed to be a hybridogenic species, originating from a cross between T. gilliesii of T. sect Antarctica, the only known Taraxacum species in South America with a sexual mode of reproduction, and an introduced species probably of T. sect. Taraxacum, and fixed by an agamospermous mode of reproduction (Uhlemann & al. 2009).


Uhlemann I., Ritz C. M. & Peñailillo P. 2009: Relationships in Taraxacum section Arctica s.l. (Asteraceae, Cichorieae) and allies based on nrITS. – Feddes Repert. 120: 35–47.


Southern America: Chile Central nativeA


A. Uhlemann & al. in Feddes Repert. 120. 2009