Taraxacum sect. Borealia

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Taraxacum sect. Borealia

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Common names

Chinese (China): 北方蒲公英组 bei fang pu gong ying zuA; French (France): Pissenlit à callositésB,1; French (Switzerland): Pissenlit à callositésC,1; German (Switzerland): Gehörntes PfaffenröhrleinD,1; Italian (Switzerland): Tarassaco con involucro callosoE,1
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"Plants medium-sized, rarely robust. Leaves usually mid-green, not thickened, sparsely arachnoid to subglabrous; petiole broadly winged to narrowly winged; leaf blade shallowly to deeply pinnatilobed to pinnatisect; lobes most often patent. Scapes usually growing laterally from leaf rosette, not from center. Outer phyllaries green to blackish green, ± not imbricate, lanceolate to ovate, loosely appressed, erect or erect-patent, usually with a paler broad to narrow border, margin glabrous to sparsely ciliate, apex with a conspicuous horn or sometimes only so in later capitula. Ligules yellow or whitish. Achene grayish straw-colored brown, rarely brown or reddish, usually 4–5 × 0.9–1.1 mm; body shortly spinulose above, usually subabruptly narrowing into a conic to subcylindric 0.5–1.4 mm cone; beak usually 6–11 mm, thin. Pappus white or yellowish white." F,G

Image sources

Handel-Mazzetti 1907: t. 2 (details)H


Asia-Temperate: Afghanistannative; Altaynative; Amurnative; Irannative; Iraqnative; Japan (Hokkaidonative, Honshunative); Kamchatkanative; Kazakhstannative; Khabarovsknative; Kirgizistannative; Kuril Is.native; Magadannative; Mongolianative; Primoryenative; Sakhalinnative; West Siberianative; Xinjiangnative Asia-Tropical: Nepalnative; Pakistannative; West Himalaya (Himachal Pradeshnative, Jammu-Kashmirnative) Europe: Austrianative (Austrianative); East European Russianative; Finlandnative; France (Francenative); IcelandnativeI; Italynative; North European Russianative; Norwaynative; Svalbardnative; Swedennative; Switzerlandnative Northern America: Alaskanative; Albertanative; Aleutian Is.native; British Columbianative; Coloradonative; Greenlandnative; Labradornative; Manitobanative; Newfoundland (Newfoundlandnative); Northwest Territoriesnative; Nunavutnative; Ontarionative; Québecnative; Saskatchewannative; Wyomingnative; Yukonnative


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