Crepis jacquinii

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Europe: Albania (Albanianative); Austrianative (Austrianative, LiechtensteinnativeA); CzechoslovakiaB (Slovakianative); Germany (Germanynative); Italynative; Krym (Krymnative); Poland (Polandnative); Romania (Romanianative); Switzerland (Switzerlandnative); Ukraine (Ukrainenative); Yugoslavia (Bosnia-Herzegovinanative, Croatianative, Slovenianative)


Herb, perennial, 5-25 cm high. Caudex branched or simple. Flowering stems erect, terete, tomentose or sometimes pubescent, striate, unbranched or weakly branched. Rosette leaves few or many, linear to narrowly obovate, 3.0-15.0 cm long, 0.2-1.7 cm wide, pinnatifid or runcinate, dentate, entire or remotely denticulate, acute, petiole-like attenuate with a winged petiole, glabrous, puberulous or sparsely tomentose; lateral lobes retrorse. Cauline leaves narrowly obovate to linear, runcinate or pinnatifid, remotely denticulate, dentate or entire, acute, petiole-like attenuate with a winged petiole, sparsely tomentose, puberulous, glabrous, uppermost leaves hirsute; lateral lobes retrorse. Synflorescence with 2-6 heads. Peduncle hirsute. Heads with many flowers. Involucre at flowering cylindric-campanulate, 7.0-12.0-(14.0) mm long, at flowering 4.0-8.0-(12.0) mm in diameter, dark green, tomentose and sometimes hirsute; outer involucral bracts linear, acuminate; inner involucral bracts narrowly ovate, obtuse or acute, glabrous, margin minutely ciliate at apex. Receptacle areolate, naked. Corolla ligulate, c. 13.0 mm long, bright yellow; tube 3.5 mm long, glabrous; ligule 1.5-2.0 mm wide. Anthertube 4.8 mm long; apical appendages acuminate, 0.5 mm long. Style branches 2.0-2.5 mm long, yellow. Achenes straight or curved, more or less compressed, 4.0-5.0 mm long, 0.8-1.0 mm wide, smooth or wrinkled, somewhat angular, light brown or stramineous, with 10-15-(20) ribs, sometimes 3-5 ribs much stronger, more or less attenuate. Pappus whitish, 7.0 mm long, persistent, fragile.

Based on: Babcock, E. B. 1947: The genus Crepis 2. – Univ. Calif. Publ. Bot. 22; Sell, P. D. 1976: 174. Chondrilla L., 175. Calycocorsus F. W. Schmidt, 176. Heteracia Fischer & C. A. Meyer, 177. Lapsana L., 178. Crepis L., 179. Hispidella Barnades ex Lam. & 180. Andryala L. – Pp. 343-358 in: Tutin, G. & al. (ed.), Flora Europaea 4. – Cambridge.

Common names

German (Germany): Felsen-PippauC,1; Polish (Poland): Pępawa JacquinaD,1
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