Taraxacum pubens

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Taraxacum pubens

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"Plants medium-sized, 18–24 cm tall, plant base sparsely aranose. Petiole long, narrow, unwinged, ± pink purplish. Leaves ± light mid-green, aranose, ± linear-oblanceolate in outline, 8–15 × 1.3–2.1 cm, ± pinnatisect, lateral segments in (3–)4–6 pairs, patent to patent-recurved, narrowly linear-triangular, distal margin ± straight, usually entire or with a single minute tooth, proximal margin ± straight, entire, interlobes distinct, usually ca. 0.5–0.7 × ca. 0.4–0.7 cm, entire, terminal segment elongated-triangular, apex acute. Scape brownish green, aranose, densely so below capitulum, overtopping leaves. Capitulum ca. 2.5 cm wide. Involucre ± narrow, ca. 6–7 mm wide, narrowly rounded at base. Outer phyllaries 10–13, not imbricate, appressed to loosely so, narrowly triangular-lanceolate to linear-triangular, 4.8–6.2 × 1.2–1.8 mm, light olivaceous-green with a narrow black-green middle strip and reddish apex, with a very gradual transition of the paler border from the light olivaceous-green part along the middle strip to pale greenish-membranous marginal parts (the membranous part of the border is narrow, distinct, ca. 0.2 mm wide), margins sparsely ciliate, apex flat to minutely corniculate. Inner phyllaries 13–16 mm long. Ligules (light ?) yellow, outer ligules ± flat, striped light grey-pink outside, inner ligule teeth grey. Pollen present; indistinctly irregular in size, perhaps regular. Stigmas green to grey-green. [Achenes absent from the material available.]. Probably agamosperm."A,B


Asia-Temperate: Afghanistan nativeC,D; Iran nativeE,F,G Asia-Tropical: West Himalaya (Jammu-Kashmir nativeB,H)


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