Lactuca glauciifolia

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Lactuca glauciifolia

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Annual. Stems slender, (2)7-15(20) cm high, divaricately or dichotomously branched. Basal leaves usually rosulate, obovate or broadly spatulate, narrowed into broad petiole, irregularly toothed, covered beneath with rather long, crisped or flexuous, light-colored hairs; sometimes basal leaves pinnatisect, coarsely toothed; cauline leaves strongly reduced, often
almost scaly, amplexicaul. Capitula, on the average, with 10-15 florets,cylindrical to oblong- or conical-cylindrical, with fruits about 18 mm long, mature capitula slightly narrowed near middle, usually subsessile or on short peduncles, less often on long peduncles, in lax dichotomous-paniculate inflorescence. Involucral bracts few, usually three- rowed; outer
bracts with crisped hairs on dorsal surface (like leaves), inner ones narrowbordered; involucral- bracts more or less squarrose after fruiting. Corolla yellow(?), blue on drying. Achenes about 3 mm long and up to 1 mm wide, dark brownish-yellow, narrow-obovoid or oblong-ellipsoid, flat, with very short transversely hairy stripes (under a hand lens!), and prominent
rib in center, rugose-toothed upward along lateral ribs (under a hand lens!);achenes apically attenuate into filiform white beak two to three times as long as achene and terminating in pappus; pappus hairs thin, white, soft, somewhat barbed (under a hand lens!), almost as long as achene or slightly shorter.

from: Bobrov, E. G. and Tzvelev, N. N. (ed.) 2000: Flora of the USSR XXIX, Compositae, Tribe Cichorieae. – Enfield.


Asia-Temperate: AfghanistannativeA,B,C; IrannativeC,D,E; KirgizistannativeF; TadzhikistannativeG; TurkmenistannativeB,C,H; UzbekistannativeI Asia-Tropical: PakistannativeB,C,J


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