Melanoseris "subpeltata"

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Melanoseris "subpeltata"

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Africa: Ethiopia nativeA,B,C,D; Kenya nativeA,D,E; Rwanda nativeA,D,F; Zaire nativeA,B,C,D,G


Climbing herb, 4-6 m high; stem striate, glabrous. Leaves subpeltate, ovate, 4-12 cm long, 2.5-5 cm wide, base rounded, margins glandular-denticulate to dentate, apex attenuate, sparsely pilose with purplish hairs to glabrous; petiole inserted 1-2 cm from the base of the leaf, 1.5-6 cm long; venation palmate, from the petiole insertion point. Capitula in pendulous, lax: leafy panicles 10-30 cm long; involucre 11-14 mm long; phyllaries ovate (outermost) to lanceolate, 1-14 mm long, acute or obtuse, distally ciliate. Florets 5-7 per capitulum; corolla pink, tube cylindric, 6-8 mm long, lobes 6-8 mm long, 1-2 mm wide. Achenes yellow-brown;,cylindric but 12-ribbed, 4-5 mm long, not beaked, glabrous; pappus white or cream, 9-12 mm long.

from: Jeffrey, C. & Beentje, H. J. 2000: Cichorieae. – Pp. 63-108 in: Beentje, H. J. & Smith, S. A. L. (ed.), Flora of Tropical East Africa. Compositae (Part 1). – Kew.


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