Tragopogon idae

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Tragopogon idae

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Biennial. Root vertical, cylindrical, thick, but not tuberous. Plants glaucous-green, up to 50 cm high; root collar often with few fibrous remnants of previous year's leaves. Stems erect, branched almost from base or middle, glabrous, cylindrical, leafy. Cauline leaves 2-5 cm long, 1.5 cm wide, lanceolate, briefly narrowed at apex, roundish or weakly acuminate. Peduncles below capitula slightly expanded or not, glabrous. Capitula large. Involucral bracts eight, narrowly lanceolate, white-membranous along margin, shorter than florets and achenes with pappus; florets yellow. Peripheral achenes with beak up to 3 cm long, with five shallow furrows and five white, squamose, obtuse ribs; beak as long as body of achenes, clavately thickened at apex, with hairy annulus; pappus yellowish, lustrous, slightly shorter than achene with beak.

from: Bobrov, E. G. and Tzvelev, N. N. (ed.) 2000: Flora of the USSR XXIX, Compositae, Tribe Cichorieae. – Enfield.


Asia-Temperate: Transcaucasus (ArmenianativeA,B)


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