The International Cichorieae Network – a new initiative towards a web-distributed revision of the Cichorieae

In February 2007, the Berlin EDIT WP6 Cichorieae Team launched the initiative for a global network of researchers working on Cichorieae, aiming at a world-wide-web-distributed revision of the tribe Cichorieae (= Lactuceae) of the family Compositae. The project aims at collecting distributed data and displaying them on the web. Beyond that it is intended to contribute to an improvement of the way taxonomic research is done world-wide. The International Cichorieae Network will make full use of the advantages that the web provides for taxonomists as well as for the public. A revisionary web-platform, being developed in co-operation with the IT workpackage (WP5) of EDIT, will make the taxonomic work process more efficient by enabling the taxonomist to access scattered data from protologues and type images to phylogenetic, cytological, palynological and molecular data. The web platform will also benefit those without easy access to libraries and herbaria within larger institutions.